My Aunt was suffering from joint pain. Simple actions like sitting and standing became very hard for her. Over coffee one morning, she made light of the fact that just using the bathroom was a big challenge. But my wife Nancy and I could see that she was upset and embarrassed about this.

We decided to try and help any way we could. So we went to a local medical supply store to look at the kinds of raised toilet seats that were available. We figured one would make her life easier.

But we were shocked when we heard the store clerk’s opinion of the raised toilet seats that were on the market. He sighed. “You’ll hate them,” he said. He showed us what was available at the time and told us about all the problems his customers for raised toilet seats complained about. They had to be cleaned frequently. They were uncomfortable. They had to store the portable seat if another person needed to use the bathroom. And the raised toilet seat is so noticeable that it can be embarrassing to let visitors see it. And we were told that there were no other choices. Aunt Margaret could either use the old, troublesome toilet seat riser or not use one at all.

But that wasn’t the kind of choice I wanted to give my Aunt Margaret. I talked to my father about the problems of raised toilet seats. My dad thought for a bit and then asked, “Dave, why don’t you just lift the toilet from the bottom?” That was where the idea of the Medway Corporation and our Easy Toilet Riser™ solution began to formulate.

Thinking about my dad’s suggestion, I went to work on our first Easy Toilet Riser™. It was made from wood. It was sturdy and it did the trick. Most importantly, it had none of the drawbacks of the raised toilet seats currently on the market.

The first Easy Toilet Riser™ of the Medway Corporation was installed at Aunt Margaret’s house. Her troubles were eased. Her bathroom looked normal. And other folks barely noticed it. It was perfect. Our Easy Toilet Riser™ just worked in a way that the others didn’t. We learned that people everywhere are uncomfortable in their own bathrooms. It could be from bad knees, arthritis, a pregnancy, or ALS or Parkinsons disease. Or maybe they are just taller than most. Whatever the reason, there are sometimes that one size doesn’t fit all. I should know. I’m a big guy, so I made sure our Easy Toilet Risers™ are strong. Trust us, the Easy Toilet Seat Riser™ will work for someone twice my size!

We make the Medway Corporation Easy Toilet Riser™ right here in Ohio. And we guarantee our Easy Toilet Riser™ for life. Our goal is to help people just like we helped Aunt Margaret. And that’s what our raised toilet seats do.

Dave Gastin
Founder Medway Corporation.

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